Convertible Fall™ Wig
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Convertible Fall™ Wig by Rhonda Robinson
Can Your Wig Do This?!
The Convertible Fall™ Wig can be worn in many ways. The fall can
be converted into a full wig and into pony tail. It is a very lightweight
fun hairpiece.

You can wear it with a hint (peach fuzz) of hair our or with no hair
out. One size fits all. No sizing needed with this adjustable hairpiece.

Do you want something fun and different? Have a  custom
Convertible Fall™ Wig made today. Ships in 4 days.
Convertible Fall $170 | Deposit 50% $85
Providing your own new hair or used hair (just make sure it's clean).

Ship To: Shear Essence 6100 Greenland Road
Ste. 602 Jacksonville Fl. 32258
CashApp: $WeaveGenius or Click Link Below For Consult or Online Purchase

or Cash App Deposit: $WeaveGenius

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Prices with Indian Hair Included
$380 & Up - Deposit 50% - Click Link To Add Options For Full Total
10"-14" (Includes 2 bundles)
12"-16" (Includes 3 bundles)
14"-18" (Includes 3 bundles)
16"-20" (Includes 3 bundles)
18"-22" (Includes 3 bundles)
20"-24" (Includes 3 bundles)
22"-26" (Includes 3 bundles)
Convertible Fall™
as a Full Wig.
Convertible Fall™
worn as a Fall Pony.
Convertible Fall™
worn as a Fall Wig.
Convertible Fall™
worn as a Fall Wig.
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