~Infulocks® Dred Extensions~
Infulocks® Serial #86473754 is a Shear Essence Salon Exclusive. Trademarked by Rhonda Robinson
(Weave Genius). It's a lock extension technique where Rhonda infuses synthetic Infulocks® or human
hair Infulocks® into your hair. The technique takes about 7-8 hours
(depending on your hair density).
Infulocks® are PERMANENT. The Infulocks® can be infused into any hair texture and it is for anyone
who wants to wear them Men or Women.
Installed in 7-8 Hours
This Process is Permanent!

Install Pricing with Hair Included
Factory Synthetic Infulocks® Install
100-115 plugs $800 | 115-130 plugs $1,000
Infulock® sold separate (without install) $2.75 per infulock®

Install Price with Hair Included
Custom Made Human Hair Infulocks® Install 100-115 plugs $1,200 | 115-130 plugs $1,400
Infulock® sold separate (without install) $8.00
Note: Your own hair can be cut and converted into infulocks®
or bulk human hair can be used from the hair store/vendor.

If purchasing without install - Their is no minimum order for
human hair
Infulocks®. A few can be ordered at a time.
If you would like a sample Infulock
® or a few Infulocks®
custom made from your hair or artificial human hair instructions below.

1.What texture hair can get this service? Any texture of hair can receive this service.

2.How much does it cost? Depends on your hair density (thickness).

3. Is this service for alopecia clients or clients with damaged hair who want to go
natural? It's for anyone... However, the  alopecia will still remain if this service is
installed. It will cover alopecia slightly.

4. What length does my hair have to be? At least 3 inches.
Select a Color that blends with your natural hair.

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Pre-made Synthetic Colors
NOTE: I am a Hair Extensionist. I install Infulocks® only.
I maintain my Infulocks® installs only.
Please contact one of our braiders for regular lock
maintenance services. Thanks
We Also Make Infulock® Wigs This one is synthetic Click Here to Purchase a Custom.
Mail Hair To: Shear Essence 6100 Greenland Road #602 Jacksonville Fl 32258
Cash App Payment To:
$WeaveGenius or Pay Pal www.paypal.me/ghec
*To have human hair Infulocks® made: $8 each (no minimum)
*To order synthetic Infulocks® $2.75 each (50 infulock® minimum)
+ $9.95 for shipping.
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