Price Estimates & Comparisons
Premium Virgin Indian & Premium Small Stitches
by Rhonda Robinson Extensions
Premium Sew-ins - My Premium Sew-ins are top quality sew-ins with
Pure Indian Hair which I am known for. It's small 1/4 inch stitching and
close together tracking/spacing. The premium sew-in last up to 4 months
as advertised; However, my
Custom Enclosed Sew-in & Hand-Tied
Closure Sew-in have been known to be worn 5-7 months by many clients.
1 client even wore My Sew-in 2 years smh
Video Below. She had The
Custom Enclosed Sew-in. My tracks do not separate from the weft. If so, I
repair it at no charge. Most clients only have to see me 2-3 times a year
for their sew-in appointments. This is why they have no problem driving
from out of town for my quality sew-ins. In the long run this saves you a lot
of money. Quality Hair + Quality Sew-in PROMOTES GROWTH!

Virgin Indian Hair - Our Pure Real Virgin Indian Hair last up to 2 years as
advertised, but again many have had this superior quality hair much much
longer. Some even 5 - 7 years. I have been selling this hair since 2006.

The Pure and Real Virgin Indian Hair can be used for Sew-ins or Wigs.

Virgin Remy Hair - Our Virgin Remy Hair is a high quality hair from China.
This hair is known to last up to 1 year.

The Virgin Remy Hair can also be used for Sew-ins or For Wigs.
RRE Virgin Cuticle Hair
Sew-in $200
14" Hair & Closure $185
Average Cost  $385
Last Average 3-4 Months
Hair reusable up to 1 year.
In & Out Service.
The Analogy
In 3 Months you have spent $450 for a Basic Weave + your
precious time lost sitting in the salon. With this comparison
you could have had a RRE Virgin Cuticle Hair Sew-in $50
less or a RRE Premium Virgin Indian Sew-in for $45 More.
Not to mention you will not have to purchase hair for 1-2
years depending on your Virgin Hair Selection. This saves
you quite a bit of money in a years time!
RRE Pure Indian
Sew-in $200
14" Hair & Closure $295
Average Cost $495
Last Average 3-4 Months
Hair reusable up to 2 years.
In & Out Service.
Pure Virgin Indian & Small Stitching Sewin
I now have 2 brands to accommodate you.
Pure Indian Virgin Hair & Our Virgin Remy.
Basic Weaves
(Not By RRE)
Sew-in $50
14" Hair & Closure $100
Average Cost $150
Sew-in Last 3-4 Weeks
Hair NOT reusable.
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